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H2020 caLIBRAte - eNanoMapper database

caLIBRAte is a closed project

Data entry approach for the eNanoMapper database

While the eNanoMapper database supports structured formats for data import (e.g. IUCLID5/6 files, W3C RDF), JSON, the data originating from NanoSafety Cluster during the last decade is predominantly provided in the form of custom spreadsheet (MS Excel) templates.

To steer the spreadsheet layout design towards harmonization, while retaining the user friendliness and the features deemed important by the labs, we provide a
Template Wizard

Template Wizard


Template Parser (online) to verify the data entry file

Data entry workflow

The files will be taken from the agreed results location, assigned a NMDataParser configuration and imported into project-specific eNanoMapper database instance, using the eNanoMapper FAIRification workflow

This guide is available at Help/User guide